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Chapter 1315 Mysterious Family Heirloom

  • Pinning his deep gaze on the woman in front of him, Kyle wondered what kind of woman she was.
  • She looked casual and carefree but was at the same time mischievous and dominant, unlike the socialites and ladies from rich families. Besides, she was a little rebellious as compared to ordinary girls. In short, Kyle felt that she was different.
  • On the other hand, Juan did not think much about it. He was more concerned about the purpose of meeting up with Sally. Crossing his arms once again, he asked, “Since you successfully made use of Seet Group in dealing with Andrew, shouldn't you apologize and express your gratitude toward us?”
  • Sally smiled and poured another cup of tea for herself. She took a sip and turned to look at Juan. “Apologize? I don't think I have to do so! Expressing my gratitude? I think the only person I need to thank is myself!”
  • “Why don't you have to do so?” Juan glared daggers at her.
  • “The reason why Andrew dared to act unscrupulously and be so lawless was only because Seet Group was backing him up. Strictly speaking, Seet Group is an accomplice to his crimes! Why do I, a person who he failed to successfully persecute, need to apologize and express my gratitude toward his accomplice? It doesn't make sense!”
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