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Chapter 1303 Catherine Opened Up

  • Juan gazed at the docile and obedient-looking Catherine and sighed. Women are born actors; given a chance, they will make a success of it on stage.
  • “Catherine, you are brilliant. You've not only slandered him but also kept the money. Or should I say, the woman directing all these behind the scenes is ingenious?”
  • At the mention of the woman, Catherine became alert, but she looked at Juan nonchalantly and said, “Mr. Juan, I don't understand what you're saying.”
  • “You don't? Where were you last night?” Juan did not beat around the bush as his sly eyes looked fixedly at her.
  • Catherine's eyes gave a glimmer of guilt as she replied in a stunned voice, “Mr. Juan, I did not go anywhere last night.”
  • “Is that so? I know you went to a cafe to meet a woman. Do you want me to tell you which cafe and the woman in question?”
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