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Chapter 1300 The Confrontation

  • “I want to see the kind of woman who dares to infiltrate our Seet Group as a spy with the intent of bringing down Muir Group alongside us,” Kyle said.
  • “She's just a normal woman,” replied Juan.
  • “Show me the photo,” Kyle stated solemnly.
  • Juan had no intention of showing him the photo. “It's not necessary for you to look at it. I'll take care of this manner. What if you're seduced by the woman's looks again?”
  • “What's the problem? Were you swayed by her good looks?” Kyle threw the question back at him.
  • Juan scoffed in disagreement and said, “Do you think I'll be swayed by her looks? What a joke. I don't judge people based on their appearances. So, I won't be seduced by a woman based on her appearance in a photograph.”
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