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Chapter 1292 Plotting A Drama

  • Maya looked at the closed door and blamed herself. Did I just make the situation worse? Is she going to ignore me forever?
  • Nina's door remained closed for the whole afternoon, which made Maya so worried. She finally felt relieved when Nina came out for dinner at night.
  • Maya made her a fruit platter and some low-fat food. However, the latter insisted on having high-calorie food like desserts and cakes.
  • Maya had no choice but to prepare the food for her.
  • After that, she delivered the food to Nina's room. Looking at the latter gulping down the food, Maya could not stop herself from reminding Nina to slow down. “Nina, please eat slower. I know that you're unhappy, but you need to take care of your body too.”
  • Nina ignored her and continued to gobble up the food.
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