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Chapter 1290 Nina Or Maya

  • Nicole reported solemnly, “They were well-behaved. Although Joy was cheeky, she was sensible. The other elder ones carried out their responsibilities very well. However, Nina just experienced a break-up. She hasn't been in a good mood. I've applied for a few days' leave for her to rest at home before resuming work at the company.”
  • Evan's expression darkened when he heard about Nina's situation. “There must be something fishy about Chris and Nina's breakup. I will get someone to find out all about it.”
  • “I have the same thought as you. So, I even called Dad to ask him to help investigate. Evan, it looks like both of us think alike.”
  • “Yeah, that's true! Let's not discuss Nina's problem now. You haven't answered the question I asked earlier.”
  • “What question?” Nicole asked with a serious expression. “I've already told you that the family members were all well-behaved.”
  • “You've mentioned the children, but what about you, Mrs. Seet? Were you well-behaved?”
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