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Chapter 1278 Let Us Try

  • “Levant, I understand that you want to be with me because of Luke, and I know you want to spend the rest of your life as my companion. I'm willing to consider it. However, since you can't love me, I want to know how well you're able to treat me. We can give it a try for two months. If it works out, we can spend the rest of our lives together.”
  • Two months... It's not easy to love someone, but it's not that hard to treat someone well. I think I can do it if I just take care of her like my family, Levant thought.
  • “All right, I'll try my best.”
  • Tiffany remained silent and smiled. She couldn't describe her feelings right now as she had never expected the man she loved would be willing to be nice to her. She still felt a little happy no matter the reasoning.
  • After all, it was the man she had always been in love with.
  • Tiffany hoped Levant would fall in with her in the next three months, but she knew it would be almost impossible.
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