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Chapter 1275 Wingmen Or Troublemakers

  • As anticipated, Murphy was startled by the sudden turn of events. “What? Are you serious? Is this for real? I can't believe that Levant finally gets his head around it!”
  • “Yes! They just left the house. Levant is bringing Tiffany and Luke to the winery for a barbecue. Sooner or later, the family will be reunited. I'm so happy for them! Let's wait for their good news!” Sophia exclaimed in delight.
  • “Barbecue?” Murphy was silent for a brief moment as he pondered. Wait a second. Levant is incredibly stubborn. I'm worried that he might end up having a conflict with Tiffany over the meal.
  • That thought alone made Murphy feel extremely anxious. Promptly, he suggested to Sophia, “While Levant is on it, we should seize this rare opportunity to help them get back together. I heard that the kids played a big part in helping Evan and Nicole get together. How about we ask the kids for help? We need to pair the two of them up without delay!”
  • Sophia chuckled after hearing his suggestion. “Murphy, the kids have grown up now and are all busy with their lives. Moreover, they could only talk some sense into Levant. We can do that too. There is no difference, anyway.”
  • After a moment of contemplation, Murphy said, “Yeah, they have grown up, but we still have Luke, right? He's still a kid. Also, don't forget about Zayden and Joy! We can definitely ask the kids to be the wingmen this time.”
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