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Chapter 1270 Sheep And Wolf

  • Levant smiled in response. If only it is that easy to move on. I... I guess I will try to do so.
  • “Nina, let's go!” He turned around and left Nepenthe Valley with Nina. Three years later.
  • At the Seet Residence, Davin looked gloomily at his son, who had never won in a fight, and he sighed.
  • “Zayden, I don't want to nag you, but you should be brave and strong. How can you not win her? You should be a man.”
  • Zayden was rubbing his hands in confusion. He looked up at Davin, trying to understand what Davin meant by being brave and strong and also a man.
  • Davin couldn't help but frown at Zayden's expression. He looked at Sheila, who was enjoying her roasted pumpkin seeds at one side, and said, “Look at him.”
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