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Chapter 1260 The Truth

  • Levant accepted the teacup and took a whiff of the tea. It was fragrant and fresh. Then, he had a quick sip. Not only was the tea mellow and smooth, but the aftertaste was sweet too. It was indeed a good tea.
  • “It's pretty good.”
  • Hearing his compliment, Crystal Rose grinned happily.
  • Never had she imagined that she would be able to see her son again, let alone make tea for him and listen to him saying that the tea was delicious.
  • “Levant, what do you want to eat? I'll cook it for you.”
  • Meanwhile, Levant finished the tea and gently placed the teacup on the table. Lifting his head, he fixed his gaze on her and piped up, “I came here because I have some questions for you.”
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