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Chapter 1255 She Cares

  • Levant sneered, “You're thanking me too soon. I must've been way too drunk to have returned to this place. How about this? I'll leave immediately, and you can pretend that I was never here! Does that sound good to you?” With that said, he began putting on his shoes.
  • Davin was devastated at the situation, as he had spent an inordinate amount of effort to have Levant return to this place.
  • Out of panic, Davin crouched and snatched the shoes away from Levant.
  • “What are you doing, Davin?”
  • “Levant, since you've already returned, and we've all shown our gratitude toward your kindness, isn't it a little rude for you to leave again so soon?”
  • “I don't care if I'm being rude. I must leave Nepenthe Valley as soon as possible! Give me my shoes!”
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