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Chapter 1240 Heavenly Place

  • “Don't be too full of yourselves. We're the easiest opponents you'll face. As you progress into the valley, someone will definitely defeat you!”
  • The man in black snarled, exposing the fact that they were mere pawns. There would be many more skilled fighters waiting for them along the journey.
  • Davin wanted to enquire more about the path ahead - the possible ambushes, the number of fighters. However, despite repeated attempts to interrogate, he couldn't obtain any information.
  • Their responses were the same. “Nepenthe Valley is basically hell. Once you get in, there's no getting out!”
  • “Come on. First, you can't defeat us, and now you're trying to scare us off? Do we look like cowards to you?”
  • Evan's gaze intensified. He reminded everyone to be careful before proceeding in their journey.
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