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Chapter 1236 Monica Tagged Along

  • On the other side, the group assembled, intending to depart to the Nepenthe Valley.
  • Suddenly, Nina mentioned, “Daddy, can we bring Monica along? She needs the antidote too.”
  • “But she was the reason why you're like this. Now you want to bring her too?” Davin uttered, bewildered at the suggestion.
  • Nina frowned. “Uncle Davin, you're right. All this happened to me because of Monica, but she's a victim too! If it wasn't for Grandpa, her father would not have died, and her family business would not have been wound up. There's a reason behind everything she did to the Seet family, including me.”
  • “Nina, she had tried to mess with the Seet Group even before all of that. Having poisoned you, I think she's had her revenge. Now, she's on her own,” Davin replied.
  • “Uncle Davin, I don't think it's fair. She experienced the devastating pain of losing her father, but none of us have to go through that. In comparison with the Marston family, the Seet family is far better off. Hence, bring her along and save her life. At the end of the day, she is a person of bitter past, and I really sympathize with her.”
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