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Chapter 1221 Both Of You Will Go With Her

  • Davin was still denying everything. “No! What are you blabbering about? I don't get you at all.”
  • “I don't care whether you get me. When it comes to searching for Crystal Rose, you can forget about being a part of the action,” Kyle said before he left.
  • Davin was very surprised. Kyle had clearly been tricked into staying on in the office to handle the problem. How did he suspect that I was the mastermind after spending merely half a day in the office?
  • This kid is really not easy to deal with!
  • No, I definitely cannot allow Kyle to go to Nepenthe Valley to search for Crystal Rose! I have to convince him! He then quickly followed after Kyle. “Kyle, listen to me...”
  • Kyle just walked away and seemed to completely ignore Davin's shouts.
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