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Chapter 1215 Regrets

  • Kyle explained his stance, “I think he will feel morally obliged to accompany Nina if he knows about the poisoning. In turn, he might spend time with Nina out of moral obligation. If Nina has gotten better after this, and Chris no longer feels morally obliged to sympathize with her, then Nina might fall even deeper into the rabbit hole. What will we do about the situation then? Sympathy is not love after all.”
  • “Kyle, what do you mean?”
  • “Just let him know how Nina feels toward him and don't mention the poisoning. Let him make the judgement on his own. We need to make sure that he's truly willing to spend time with Nina.”
  • Davin and Sheila exchanged glances after listening to him. Nevertheless, they tacitly thought that Kyle was really rational and mature when it came to relationships.
  • “It's settled, then. I will ask Avril to ask how Chris truly feels about her.”
  • “Will Avril really help you out? I heard that she's aggressively pursuing Sir Musgrave recently,” Davin gossiped.
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