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Chapter 1209 Poisoned

  • “She has brought about destruction to the Seet Group. On top of how she's harmed Nina, she should consider the damage that your grandpa committed toward her family being repaid in full. There's no need for us to show mercy to her anymore!” Davin seethed.
  • Kyle's eyes turned fiery red from fury. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
  • He immediately instructed Jensen and the other three Hidden Masters to save Maya and Sophia in an attempt to outmaneuver Monica.
  • “Yes, I'll head there right away.”
  • Then, he asked for a doctor to come to examine Nina. As expected, she was indeed poisoned. However, it was a chronic poison that would not take her life immediately. Instead, she would suffer as the poison ate away at her life.
  • “Doctor, does this poison have an antidote?”
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