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Chapter 1203 Things Are Not As They Seem

  • “Grandpa, I’ll handle Grandma, Maya and Nina’s problem and think of a solution to save them. As for Marston family’s resentment towards us, that might take some time to resolve.”
  • “Sure, as long as innocent lives are not involved. Grandpa will find a way to bear the sins I’ve made in the past, in order for Grandma, Maya and Nina to be released safely.
  • Kyle remained in silence for a moment. Then, he turned and left the Seet Residence quietly.
  • The next day.
  • The news of partnership dissolution between Seet Group, Snyder Group, Jones Group, Campbell Group and Walker Group was spread widely. It was the talk of the town.
  • Many people did not understand why the Seet Group had made this move. By dissolving the partnership with The Four, it was like an eagle severing its own wings. This decision would severely affect its future development.
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