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Chapter 1197 Do The Kids Miss Us

  • Davin couldn’t help but heave a sigh.Will Sheila grab the papers and scream at me one day to settle the scores?Well, that will be exciting!
  • Meanwhile, Nicole and Evan had a good time traveling in Lisanthos for a couple of days. He was cheerful to see the joyful smiles on her face.
  • He thought that the happiest thing on earth was to make his wife happy and all smiling. After all, he would be delighted as long as his wife was happy.
  • “Nicole, do you like this place very much?”
  • Nicole nodded and replied, “The scenery here is beautiful and looks like the peaceful world in a painting... We can see flowers everywhere, breezy rivers, and clean stone roads. I mean, the hustle and bustle of the outside world seem to have been isolated from here. So, I even feel cleaner spiritually, as if I’m a character in the painting. Whenever I close my eyes, I can breathe in the fresh air which makes me feel comfortable and free.”
  • On the other hand, Evan squinted and smiled when Nicole was explaining how she loved the place. After a while, he asked gently, “If you really love this place, why don’t we stay in this city for a few more days?”
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