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Chapter 1196 Write Down The Pledges

  • After giving it some thought, he made an excuse to go to the washroom and called the Snyder Group. Finally, he decided to cooperate with Davin when he confirmed that he wasn’t lying. Besides, he didn’t ask Jonathan to write the terms down to avoid any embarrassment. At last, he agreed to it without humiliating himself.
  • After leaving the Campbell family villa, Davin commented, “Joshua is as sly as a fox!” Jonathan sighed and replied, “Well, this sly old fox supported the Seet Group in the past when we were having troubles. Otherwise, Evan certainly won’t tolerate him for so long since he can never befriend a nebbish.”
  • “That is because Evan has identified his strengths and given him the chance to unleash them. Evan is making the best use of him, or else he will never put up with such a man.”
  • Jonathan agreed to what he said.
  • After all, Evan was widely known as a decisive, merciless, and principled man. As such, he definitely had his own reasons for tolerating Joshua.
  • “Now that The Four have all agreed to play along, we’ll see if Monica keeps her promise tomorrow.”
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