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Chapter 1187 I Have Your Granddaughters

  • Nina was also taken aback at how these men could be so calm even when being enticed with so much money. If it’s not money they want, there must be something even more important that they care about.
  • “Are you worried about losing your lives if you let us go? Then you can always just take the money and leave this city! I’m sure Monica won’t be able to pay you ten million even if you be her bodyguards for ten years!”
  • “You’re right in that Monica will never give us ten million. However, it’s only because we’ll never take her money. As long as we can get revenge for Sam, we’re more than willing to work with her!”
  • Maya and Nina were dumbfounded to hear that. Judging from his words, it almost sounded like they were all incredibly loyal to Monica’s father.
  • No wonder they’re unmoved by money! Seems like we’ll need to come up with another plan!
  • Sophia went to Imperial Garden to visit Maya and Nina. When she heard that they had been called away by Nina’s new skincare products teacher, she decided to wait for them. Yet an hour went by and there was still no sign of them returning. Anxiety swelled in her.
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