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Chapter 1182 I Want To Have Twins

  • At Imperial Garden.
  • Evan gazed down at the woman in his arms. Nicole was sound asleep, her delectable lips curved up slightly in a pleased smile. He reached out to stroke her belly gently while a delighted expression appeared on his face.
  • He wondered if the baby would be a girl or a boy. Who would the baby resemble more, me or Nicole?
  • Kyle and Juan looked like him while Nina and Maya were the spitting images of their mother. He hoped that this new baby of theirs would look like him but also resemble Nicole. In fact, what would even better be if the baby combined the best of both their features. That way, everyone would know this child was his and Nicole’s.
  • “Baby, do you think you could fulfill this wish of Daddy’s?” he murmured. He rubbed Nicole’s stomach again as he continued, “You have to fulfill this wish for Daddy, okay?”
  • Evan’s mumbles about wishes filtered in through Nicole’s sleep-hazed mind. With her eyes still closed, she somehow managed to mutter back, “I do have a wish.”
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