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Chapter 1164 Never See Him Again

  • Inside Nina’s dream, Chris and his girlfriend stood hand-in-hand in front of her, smiling blissfully.
  • She tried her best to take a look at the woman. Despite the latter’s face appearing vague, there was no doubt she was a rare beauty.
  • The way Chris gazed at the woman with such endearing eyes was just like how Nina’s own father looked at her mother. Nina could only remain frozen in place like a loner, feeling her heart crumble.
  • She clenched her fists tightly and turned to leave, but every step she took felt like a knife stabbing into her heart. After walking a few steps, the girl couldn’t help but turn her head, only to see Chris kissing that woman on the forehead.
  • Nina’s heart felt like it had been trampled on. Unable to look at them any longer, she ran as far and quickly as she could while torrents of grief gushed down her cheeks.
  • The girl cried herself awake. In a daze, she slowly opened her eyes and saw the gentle sun rays shining down on her clean, white sheets. A new day had come.
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