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Chapter 1162 She Must Be Really Pretty

  • “Are you still doing your skincare research, Nina? Have you discovered anything new? We can talk about it.”
  • Nina froze, not expecting that Chris would bring up this subject. The girl had been feeling so down recently that she was barely interested in anything including skincare. All I’ve been doing is flipping through my old notes. I haven’t done any new research. How am I going to answer him?
  • Seeing her freeze, Chris’ lips curled upward. “It’s completely fine if you haven’t discovered anything new. When you have nothing else do to, you can just go through whatever I’ve told you before. Who knows, you might get some new ideas from there and come up with something even better.”
  • Nina nodded with a smile.
  • She did flip through her notes often, but her thoughts wouldn’t be on the words. Instead, her mind was full of Chris every time.
  • Hence, rather than giving her new ideas, going through her notes only made her yearn for Chris even more.
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