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Chapter 1160 A Bold Fighter

  • After that, the teacher emphasized, “Juan is a bright and sharp-witted kid, and he stands out among his classmates. A lot of our students made up random excuses to call their families, but Juan is exceptionally resolute and has never had such a request. Don’t worry, he’ll certainly be a highly skilled and bold fighter with a tough mindset.”
  • The teacher’s words gave Nicole a great sense of relief. Feeling proud of her son, she chewed on the teacher’s words again and found that something was wrong.
  • Lifting her head, she stared at Evan with a strange gaze. “Doesn’t Juan miss us? He’s so cold-hearted.”
  • “Of course he does. But as a man, he needs to have an iron will. Or do you want him to be a cry baby like you?”
  • Nicole’s voice got stuck in her throat. Evan is right. Fine then. Hopefully, Juan will stay strong as he is now. I’ll wait for the day he completed his studies and return home.
  • “Call Kyle’s teacher.”
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