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Chapter 116 Coming Up With An Explanation

  • How should I weasel my way out then? When she looked around her pigsty and thought of the problems she had to face, Nicole thought she was really down on her luck.
  • “Ms. Lane, It’s time for me to send Kyle back to the villa.”
  • Although Nicole was reluctant to part with Kyle, she had no choice. “Kyle’s downstairs. I’ll go with you.”
  • When they came up to the kids, Kyle was still playing happily with Nina and Maya. When John said that he would be taking him back, Kyle refused. “I’m not going back!”
  • “Kyle, I know you love your mother and you don’t want to get separated from her. But if Mr. Seet finds out you’re gone, he’s going to look for you. Once he sees you here, your mother will be in trouble.”
  • The mention of trouble befalling Nicole made Kyle worry, and he looked at her.
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