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Chapter 1155 Suffer For Love

  • That day, I called and told Uncle Davin that I want to go to K Nation to visit him. I bet he has figured out my intention. The real reason I want to go there is to see Chris again. I wonder how Chris is doing now. Is there anyone helping him with the makeup competition? Is he confident to win against his two sisters?
  • With a heavy heart, the girl lifted her head to look at the sky, and her bleary eyes were full of perplexity. She couldn’t get rid of those intrusive thoughts in her head even after roaming aimlessly along the street for quite some time.
  • Should I tell Daddy and Mommy that I want to go to K Nation? Will they allow me to do so? If they don’t, should I insist on leaving?
  • Nina was increasingly aggravated as she kept dwelling on her problem. At the same time, she was afraid that her mother might be worried if she didn’t go home soon. In the end, she simply bought something and went back to the Imperial Garden.
  • The moment Nicole saw her daughter come home, her anxiety ceased at once. “Nina, what did you buy?”
  • The girl held up the makeup brush set in her hand for her mom to see, but that confused Nicole even more.
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