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Chapter 1149 Chris Has True Feelings For Nina

  • “Davin, since you’re injured, why don’t you stay at Wicked Palace for some time and recuperate there?” Murphy suggested.
  • Davin nodded. It would be a good idea to stay there for a while. I can’t show up at my wedding with Sheila with this pathetic face of mine now. Not only that, but people will also start talking!
  • “Alright, I’m afraid that I’ll have to trouble you then, Uncle.”
  • So, Davin stayed at Wicked Palace to recover from his injuries. At the same time, he heard a lot of things about Chris. There was talk about the man’s dishonorable beginnings as an illegitimate son of a mistress. Because of this, many people at K Enterprise made things difficult for him, especially his two half-sisters, who were constantly looking for ways to spite him.
  • Davin looked at Murphy. “Uncle, what do you think of Chris? A while back, I taught him a lesson because he approached and used Nina for his personal gains. This time, I thought he would seek revenge against me. However, little did I expect that he would save me instead, purportedly for Nina’s sake? What do you think he means to achieve by doing that?”
  • Murphy gave his question some thought and said, “He decided to teach Nina even before he had met her because he had heard of her talent in makeup. After so much interaction with her, he might have developed feelings for the girl! I’m sure the position as heir to K Enterprise is very important to him. It would be unimaginable for him to lose his position.”
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