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Chapter 1146 Say Who You Are

  • Jeremy and Jensen exchanged glances; they knew Davin made some sense. Instead of all of them being stuck, it might be better for the two of them to slip away first. With this, they could find an opportunity to save Davin instead of losing everything.
  • Even after the both of them unleashed their ultimate skills, they managed to barely make it out alive. Both men were severely injured, one with a wounded arm and the other with an injured abdomen.
  • Davin heaved a silent sigh of relief when he saw that the two of them had finally made it out alive. Not all was lost, at the very least. However, he felt a little regretful as well. When they first arrived, the two of them were worried that he would attract trouble. Indeed, he really ended up being stuck here as their burden to bear.
  • He let out a soft sigh. After this catastrophe, I definitely need to get myself a strong mentor and equip myself with some martial arts skills.
  • The vice president of Sun Corporation walked up to him and glared at him sharply. “Who are you?”
  • “Me? Don’t bother yourself with who I am. I am a nobody!” The rebellious and impetuous Davin was back.
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