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Chapter 1142 Lovesick

  • At the Imperial Garden.
  • Evan called Nicole and told her to eat lunch with the kids, as he had some business to attend to. So the woman had her lunch with Nina and Maya.
  • The atmosphere at the dining table was a little odd. Maya was the only one who talked to Nicole, while Nina was cold, looking like an ice sculpture, staying silent all the time. The girl didn’t bother interacting with any of them.
  • After she forced some food down her throat, the girl stood up, leaving for her bedroom upstairs.
  • Looking at her sister’s figure walking up the stairs, Maya sighed. “When will Nina feel better? I went to her room this morning to talk to her, but she wasn’t listening to a word I said! She was just fiddling with her skincare products while staring at them.”
  • Nicole felt melancholic upon seeing her daughter behave like this. “Nina’s hurt. Her heart’s bleeding.”
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