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Chapter 1134 Custody

  • She immediately rushed towards Luke and carried him in her arms, “Luke, what’s wrong?” She checked on him and realized that Luke was thirsty.
  • Filling up the bottle with water, she handed it over to Luke. He then held onto the milk bottle and strenuously gulped down the liquid.
  • Staring at Levant in disbelief, she asked, “The baby is thirsty, and you didn’t know what do?”
  • Levant was stunned. Indeed, he was ignorant and clueless. Since he had never cared for a baby, matters like feeding the baby and changing diapers were completely foreign.
  • Once again, as Luke finished drinking the water, his hands cheerfully danced around.
  • Tiffany meticulously wiped away the tears in Luke’s eyes. Then, she held him in her arms and gazed intensely at Levant. “I’ll take care of Luke. You can leave now.”
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