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Chapter 1132 I Am His Father

  • “I’m in the middle of something right now. But I’ll check up on him once I’m free. Bye now.” Sheila put down the phone abruptly.
  • Her reaction took Levant by surprise.
  • “Why did you say that you’re occupied?” Levant asked nervously.
  • Sheila shrugged her shoulders. “I’m telling the truth. Look, I’m not done eating, so I’m not free!” She took another piece of fish and enjoyed the succulent delicacy.
  • Evan and Nicole understood Sheila’s intention. She’s doing this on purpose. I guess she wants Levant to take care of his son at the hospital. After all, Levant is Luke’s father.
  • At the same time, Sophia was well aware of Sheila’s intention as well. She sighed, “It pains me whenever children get sick. They’re so young and don’t know how to express themselves. Hence, they could only cry when they’re not feeling well. When Evan and Davin were young, they would cry their heart out whenever they were sick. Ah... thinking about that just makes me so upset!”
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