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Chapter 1130 Sophia Joins The Dinner

  • Levant calmly refuted, “What’s wrong with asking Sophia to join us? After all, sharing’s caring, and the food here is more than enough. Unless... she’s not welcomed here? Why would that be? She’s your mother after all...”
  • Evan replied, “What do you mean by ‘us’? And for your info, we treat our Mom very well!”
  • “Yes, we’re more than happy to welcome Grandma to the meal. You know what - I’ll even make some extra dishes for her! By the time she arrives, it’ll be done,” Maya instinctively uttered.
  • “Maya, there’s no need for that. These are enough for your Grandma. She can’t eat too much as well,” Davin called out to her.
  • Maya responded, “There’s still Mr. Levant. Don’t worry; it’ll be done soon.”
  • Levant smiled at Maya with a satisfied look, “Such a good girl. The next time you visit the Levant Winery, I’ll treat you to a nice meal.”
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