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Chapter 1126 Devastated

  • “Yes, I don’t have any feelings for you at all. All I want is to make use of your talent!” Chris answered her just as decisively as how he did it earlier.
  • Nina did not utter a word in response.
  • Her face turned ashen in an instant. She barely got to enjoy much time in the realm of love that she had fantasized about before she was ruthlessly thrown back into the cold and harsh world of reality again. All the rosy illusions she had harbored toward her love life were crushed by the truth.
  • Just moments earlier, he was still her Prince Charming to whom she planned to marry once she reached adulthood. She would then live happily ever after with him, just like Daddy and Mommy. Little did she know, she had already walked right into the booby trap Chris set for her. It was pathetic that not only did she fail to realize his ulterior motive, but she also even gleefully helped him with his scheme, assuming that he was the love of her life.
  • As it turned out, things that happened in fairy tales were impossible to take place in the real world. She thought what she had with Chris was real love, but her bubble was burst. The man she saw as her Prince Charming turned out to be nothing more than a conman...
  • “Nina, now you know why we were trying so hard to stop you from getting in touch with him. We wouldn’t have to do that if he really has feelings for you. There’s no way we will allow him to deceive you and use you as a tool for his personal gains!”
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