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Chapter 1121 Shopping Trip

  • As obedient and sweet as ever, Maya nodded and pledged, “Daddy, I promise I will stay near to the both of you forever.”
  • Nicole smiled after listening to Maya’s heartwarming words. Of course, having both girls by their side would be the most ideal scenario. However, if their Mr. Rights turned out to be someone who lived far away from their city, she would not stop them from leaving too. As long as the guy treated her daughter well and was able to make her happy, she was willing to compromise.
  • “Daddy, Mommy, I-I have nothing to say because marriage isn’t on my agenda yet. I’m done eating, so I’ll go and get changed now.” With that, Nina left the dining table and walked away.
  • Watching Nina’s back, Nicole contemplated how antsy Nina looked when she answered them. For some reason, she had a feeling that something was bugging Nina.
  • After Maya left for her room, Evan asked Nicole for her opinion on Nina’s sudden change in attitude.
  • The image of how Nina fumbled with the hem of her shirt earlier popped up in Nicole’s mind. “I think something’s been bothering Nina. I’ll keep an eye on her for the next two days.”
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