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Chapter 112 Threat Of Sylphiette

  • Nicole didn’t bother arguing with her. Even without her, the Lane family would face ruin anyway. That day, Evan told John the reason for the Lane family’s ruin was all so she would become the scapegoat and be hated by all.
  • Her indifference irked Sylvia, who then stood up. “I knew you’re evil. You just want the family to fall, don’t you?” She went up to her angrily and tried to slap her, but Nicole held her hand before she could do it.
  • “How dare you resist, you wench?”
  • “Leave immediately, or I’ll have no choice but to call the police.”
  • “Calling the police? I’m still your stepmother in name! You can’t call the police on me! I’m just visiting!”
  • “Nicole, you can’t chase us out after what you did! This is too much!”
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