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Chapter 1119 Gourmet Conference

  • “Nina!”
  • Nina, whose mind had been wandering, was jolted back to senses by Nicole’s voice. Hastily, she leaped up to her feet and responded to Nicole, “Mommy.”
  • “Nina, it pains me to see how much weight you’ve lost. Please do eat more later, alright?”
  • Nina nodded. “Thanks for caring about me so much, Mommy.” Then, she took the initiative to apologize to Nicole, “Mommy, the way I dealt with Chris’ matter before this was clearly not right. But now, I’ve figured it all out and I’ve realized my mistake. From now on, I’ll do as Daddy said by never getting in touch with him again.”
  • Sizing Nina up, Nicole asked her gently, “Nina, may I know what has enlightened you to come around all of a sudden?”
  • Nina tugged the hem of her shirt subconsciously before putting a faint smile on her face. “I think what Daddy and you said are right - I should prioritize my studies over everything else at my age.”
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