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Chapter 1118 Figuring It All Out

  • Nina got out of bed and washed up. Before she left her room, she paused in her tracks in front of the mirror to make sure her smile was in place. That was the first step as stated in Chris’ plan - she had to treat her family with a pleasant attitude so that they would let down their guard.
  • The first person she bumped into was Maya, who looked bleary-eyed and whose hair was disheveled.
  • “Morning, Maya.”
  • Maya’s pace immediately came to a halt as she regarded Nina with surprise. What’s going on? Did Nina just take the initiative to greet me?
  • Didn’t she say that she wanted to cut ties with me and would never speak to me ever again not too long ago? What brought about the drastic change in her attitude?
  • “Nina, a-are you talking to me? You aren’t going to cut ties with me?” Maya asked, her clear eyes sparkled with kindness and joy.
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