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Chapter 1103 Handsome Man

  • “I’ve already made up my mind. Anything you say won’t change it! You don’t need to do your homework anymore. I’ll inform you when I’ve found a new teacher for you.” As soon as these cold words hit, Evan walked upstairs.
  • Sensing his determination, Nina’s eyes filled with tears. How could he? How could Daddy do this?
  • Maya had not expected that her father to make such a decision, but she knew deep down that he was right. Someone like Chris isn’t a good fit for Nina at all.
  • “Nina, you should just listen to Daddy...”
  • “I hate you! We’re through! I’ll never talk to you again, you witch!”
  • As soon as Nina said that, she ran into her bedroom in a fit and locked herself inside. She ignored everyone who knocked on her door, and even refused to eat.
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