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Chapter 1096 Whose Baby Is That

  • “You whelp! I can’t believe you still have the cheek to speak! Evan’s children are all in their teenage years now. And you’re not young anymore. So tell me, how did you deal with Tiffany’s baby?”
  • “Dad, don’t bring up the past. My only wish is to bear a child with the woman that I love. I don’t care for the other women at all.”
  • “Is that so? So you can’t be bothered? What if a chubby kid shows up in front of you right now?”
  • A chubby kid?
  • I would like it very much if the woman that I love give birth to our very own chubby kid.
  • “Dad, just wait and see. I’ll spend the rest of my life chasing after the woman that I love, be with her, and fulfill your wish of having an adorable and chubby grandchild.”
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