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Chapter 1075 Lights Out

  • Throw it away if they’re unsatisfied? Refunding the customers ten times the original price?
  • This kind of promise...
  • Nicole’s heart was thumping loudly against her ribcage as she heard her daughter speak. Nina’s promise was a dangerous one to make. Even if the product were truly that good, the company would have to refund the products until the point of bankruptcy if it landed in the hands of someone with ill intentions. People would buy and continuously break the products to earn a living from the amount of refund they would get.
  • Evan’s expression was as dark as night. When he glanced at the gleeful Nina, fury burned brighter in his chest. If not for his self-restraint, he would have destroyed all the live broadcast equipment on stage instantly.
  • From the founding of Seet Group until now, the company had been a reputable brand. If Nina were to promote in such dramatic ways, even the firm foundations of Seet Group might start to crack.
  • Sensing Evan’s fury, Nicole grabbed his hand as her heart leaped to her throat. She whispered, “Nina’s still young. Don’t embarrass her in public. I’ll ask her to stop the broadcast and the press conference immediately.”
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