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Chapter 1071 Missing

  • Nicole lifted her head to look at him with smiling crescent eyes. “It’s fine. You don’t need to trouble yourself with that. Now, I think the best thing is simply to be with you and our kids. I want all of us to live healthy and happy lives together.”
  • “You will. We’ll be together forever,” Evan reassured.
  • She smiled lovingly before she split another piece of chestnut cookies and fed it to him.
  • He split his cookie and fed it to Nicole before he bit down on his own half and chewed, mumbling, “Tasty.”
  • When Nina walked down the stairs, planning to ask her father about the press conference, she was greeted by the loving sight. She froze. Mommy and Daddy are actually displaying affection! How happy they look!
  • Unable to bring herself to interrupt them, she turned and went back upstairs.
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