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Chapter 1069 The Other Child Of Tiffany

  • After Tiffany read the message, she raised her head to look at Nicole.
  • The latter nodded at her and whispered, “If you want to keep the baby, you’ll have to leave this place first.”
  • Curious, Sheila peeked at the words on the phone too. This is a good trick Nicole pulled on Levant.
  • She hurriedly added, “Tiffany, don’t be stubborn and grab the opportunity. It won’t do you any good to stay here.”
  • Lowering her head, Tiffany glimpsed at her stomach. She had no other plans. Violently rebelling against Levant was not a plan, and the man had already stated last night that he would force her to go for an abortion. She was afraid that she might not be able to keep the baby for long.
  • Closing her eyes, she ruminated before answering, “All right. I’ll do what you say.”
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