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Chapter 1050 The Bony Creature

  • Of the four kids, only Kyle was examining the figure carefully.
  • She is thin, but there’s something familiar about her. This height, and the way she stands... Kyle thought about Nicole and found more and more similarities between the two.
  • “Turn around and show us your face! How did you get our daddy head over heels over you?” commanded Nina.
  • Nicole took a deep breath. Her fingers gripped her shirt. She honestly didn’t dare to face her kids before she got better, and it wasn’t just because she was borderline skeletal and ugly... Wesley said that if I continue losing weight like this, my body will crumble and my organs will deteriorate. I might also have other complications.
  • Nicole wasn’t sure if she could recover. If I can’t recover, then my crumbling health... it’d just get the kids worried and sad. It’ll have a negative impact on their lives.
  • As a caring mother, Nicole wanted her kids to lead happy lives.
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