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Chapter 1042 Skeletal Monster

  • “... You had been nice to me ever since I was a kid. After that, I had to return to the Lane family, and you had to go back to the Seet family. We lost touch because of that. The next time we met was at the Passion bar. I was drunk at the time, and I mistook you as a male escort...”
  • Nicole turned to Evan when she mentioned male escort. She was going to skip that part, but Evan spoke up suddenly and asked, “Hold on, you mistook me as a male escort?”
  • Nicole nodded. That was what happened. After that night of passion, they were blessed with four adorable yet naughty kids.
  • Evan recalled that beautiful night when he smelled Nicole’s perfume. His dark eyes burned with hints of lust before he paused and demanded, “How could I possibly have been mistaken as a male escort? You should know that lying comes with a price!”
  • After saying his piece, Evan dragged Nicole into his arms and kissed her lips eagerly.
  • Evan sighed internally. My gosh, Evan Seet. You’ve lived to see the day you lie just to get a kiss. Forgive me, Nicole. I really can’t find another excuse. This is the only way I can hold you in my arms.
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