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Chapter 1040 Do As Told To Prolong His Life

  • “Mrs. Seet has gotten so thin and disheveled, but Mr. Seet is still heartlessly lying to her. I honestly can’t make heads or tails of what he’s thinking.”
  • “I can. I called John earlier, and he said that Mr. Seet is worried about Mrs. Seet not letting him take care of her. That is why he came up with the whole fake illness excuse to con her into staying by his side. It may look like Mrs. Seet is caring for him, but Mr. Seet will actually be the one who’s taking care of her.”
  • “He could’ve just feigned the illness. Why did he have to pretend to have amnesia as well?”
  • “That... is probably something only Mr. Seet knows.”
  • Everyone was speechless.
  • Nicole called Wesley, who was also surprised to hear about Wicca. The latter claimed that he never even heard of something like that before. Unfortunately, Wesley and Kate had already left for S Nation, so it’d be a long wait before Wesley could return and save Evan.
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