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Chapter 1030 Lending A Hand

  • “What information?”
  • “Information about my sister-in-law! You know what my brother is like now. Any news about Nicole will definitely give him a new lease on life.”
  • “Really? Avril can obtain this for you?”
  • “Why do you think she was going back to K Nation in a rush? According to a lead provided by the Wicked Palace, Nicole showed up at K Nation with someone. Avril was initially going to stay behind and play matchmaker between Levant and Tiffany, but I offered to see this through in exchange for that piece of information.”
  • “Then why didn’t you tell Evan and have him look into this?” asked Sheila.
  • “It’s the credibility of this information that I’m worried about. Evan will be happy for a brief moment, but he’ll spiral into depression again if it turns out to be a false alarm.”
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