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Chapter 1029 Matchmaking

  • After Sheila left, Maya looked quizzically at Nina and asked, “Why did you say that about Uncle Davin? Didn’t he buy you the latest beauty kit the day before yesterday?”
  • “They’re called principles, Maya.” retorted Nina with a huff. “Him buying me things has nothing to do with the matter at hand, so I’m not going to conflate the two!”
  • On the surface, Nina’s words made sense, but Maya still thought it was obnoxiously self-righteous of her to say so.
  • Maya only blinked at Nina in response. Well, don’t threaten Uncle Davin and then ask him for favors! Even after he’s bought you stuff, you still badmouth him? You’re as bad as Kyle! That’s why you both can’t get along with him! Hypocrite!
  • Meanwhile, Sheila walked out of the Seet Residence carrying the things both Maya and Nina gave her. Immediately, she made a phone call to Davin.
  • “Davin, where the hell are you?”
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