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Chapter 1012 Places You Want To Go

  • “I still remember the first time you made me this dish in Rose Garden,” Evan recalled as he wrapped his arms around Nicole’s waist, “I had two servings. You said the noodles cost ten a strand, or five hundred per bowl, and the sauce was an extra two hundred. In the end, I paid you a thousand and two hundred.
  • Nicole was stunned. She was surprised that Evan would remember things from so long ago.
  • “That’s true, but I had my reasons for doing that. Do you still remember what you did when I tried to borrow something from you?”
  • Evan raised an eyebrow and rested his chin on Nicole’s shoulder. “I actually don’t,” he rasped.
  • Nicole turned around and looked at him. “In this case, Mr. Seet, let me remind you. You made me pay you back threefold for consuming your vegetables and seasoning, and tenfold for fish! And how much did you want for the pork again?”
  • She paused for a few seconds. “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, you were so obnoxious. It’s an eye for an eye! You taught me that!”
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