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Chapter 1011 Where is Nicole

  • Nicole did not sleep the entire night and waited until dawn when she quietly sneaked downstairs. She intended to give the family doctor a call.
  • The doctor was sound asleep when the sudden ring of his phone woke him up. He grabbed his phone and instantly sat up with a frown when he saw it was from Nicole.
  • She’s calling at this hour? Is she having another episode? Wait, no. If Mrs. Seet’s hallucinating again, it should be Mr. Seet who’s calling.
  • He was confused, but the phone kept ringing so he decided to pick up the call.
  • “Hello, Mrs. Seet?”
  • Nicole let out a cough. “Yes, it’s me. I wanted to know how my body is doing. Evan wanted to go traveling with me. He said I won’t be going through any relapse for the time being. Is that true?”
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