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Chapter 101 Surprise

  • Argh, I got betrayed by John! He told me that he’d help me and report Evan’s every action back to me, but why do I feel that he’s acting more like a double agent! Evan definitely knows about me asking John for the passcode to his office! Don’t tell me he’ll change the passcode?
  • Just as Nicole was lost in thought, she heard John remind Evan that it was time for a meeting. Evan then instructed him to take the documents and leave without him.
  • “Alright, Mr. Seet.”
  • Evan got up and stared at his seat. Whenever he left the office, he would push the chair back in. However, it was not the case this time. Did she tamper with my chair, hoping that I’d fall? What a foolish woman!
  • After scanning the room once, he left the office, lost in thought. He then quickly locked the door to the office and keyed in the password.
  • Nicole crept out of the break room after she could no longer hear his footsteps and continued sabotaging his office.
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