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Chapter 100 Revenge

  • When Kyle walked out of his bedroom, he saw Nicole gritting her teeth. His heart skipped a beat as he thought, Seems to me that Mommy and Daddy will be fighting today.
  • “That’s right! You have to avenge us and the cake.”
  • Maya cheered Nicole on.
  • Nina snorted. “If you don’t want to eat cakes in the future because of this, you might get skinnier. Maybe this is a good thing for you.”
  • Maya whipped her head around to glare at Nina. “What’s good about this? It’s obviously a bad thing. Also, didn’t you say you’ll ignore Juan and me? Why are you talking to me? Hmph!”
  • Before their argument could worsen, Nicole hastily interrupted, “Maya, don’t talk to your sister like that. Nina did warn you against eating the awful cake.”
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